YES Challenge 2022

Please join us in congratulating the WINNERS in our 2022 Springfield Chamber of Commerce YES Challenge!

The top 4 finalists, all young entrepreneurs in the RM of Springfield ranging in ages 12-16, all having unique, creative, fun and innovative business ideas, presented their business idea live for our judging panel on Sunday, June 12th at the Chickendaze main stage. They all did an incredible job at showcasing their business, their entrepreneurial knowledge and their ability to answer the judges’ questions regarding their business and where it will go in the future.

As hard as the decision was, and as much as we would have loved to give all the young entrepreneurs the first-place title, we are so excited and so honored to introduce to you the 2022 YES Challenge WINNER…

Ronan & Owen DePaulo, 3 Ideas Canada!

Ronan (age 14) and Owen (age 12) started a business together creating quality products for the outdoors. After the two brothers both had experiences with broken fishing rods, they knew there had to be a better storage solution and designed a fishing rod holder made of 14-gauge polished stainless steel. Each piece is laser-cut, formed to shape, hand polished, packaged, and sent directly to you.

The rod holder is a one-time purchase and can be mounted vertically, horizontally or even from the ceiling to make sure your rods stay safe.

Learn more about 3 Ideas Canada and see their products at

Our 2nd place winner is Eric Bartel, age 16, who is looking to start his own skate sharpening business called, Bertle’s Skate Shop. Eric will provide a fast and convenient skate sharpening at an affordable price to local residence in the Springfield area, even offering a travelling service to maximize the skate sharpening experience.

Eric is hoping to have his business up and running before the next hockey season, so watch for his business opening soon!

In 3rd place, Nina Ruml, age 14 and a student at SCI, owner of a jewlery business called, Thread and Bling by Nina.

Nina creates affordable, trendy and good quality products that she knows teens will love. She has been selling her jewlery and friendship bracelets on Etsy for over a year now and is now looking to expand her business and offer a higher quality product at a same affordable price.

To see all of Nina’s products and to purchase Nina’s jewlery, go to…

In 4th place, Mitchell Robak, age 16, has created an eco-friendly repair business called “Heat to Your Feet” to sell sneakers and luxury items. Mitchell purchases worn out and broken brand name items and repairs them for re-sale.

He says, “this is a passion and a hobby and a lifestyle all in one”, and he wants to see people own high-priced brand name items that they want and love, but at an affordable price.

Mitchell is currently working on increasing his inventory and hoping to have his business on social media very soon.

Once again, congratulations to all of winners and also to all of the young entrepreneurs who took the time to submit their videos for consideration for this contest.

We would also like to thank our Sponsors; SIO Silica, Pineridge Hollow, GeeTee Holdings and Imagine You Marketing & Design and a huge thank you to our judging panel, Dallas Hiebert (GeeTee Holdings), Betty Asseiro (Symatree Farms), Laura Weeden (SIO Silica), and Anya Misner (Honeywell Beetique & the 2021 YES Challenge Winner), and to all of the Chickendaze staff who helped with the set up of this event.