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Perogy-Fest 2022

Perogy-Fest 2022!

April 1 to 18


We were so excited to introduce the first annual Springfield Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Perogy-Fest!

Springfield is blessed to be home of a strong vibrant Ukrainian-Canadian community. We have the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Greek Catholic church and spectacular Grotto in Cooks Creek. The Ukrainian National Cemetery on Lorne Hill Rd. There are two performing Ukrainian dance ensembles, Selo and Mohutniy. Our school division offers Ukrainian Bilingual Programs to continue the teachings of Ukrainian traditions and heritage.

Chances are, if you live here, you have Ukrainian descent and if you don’t, you probably have connections with someone that does. At the very least, you’ve tasted the wonderous Ukrainian dish… the perogy! After all, we’re also home of Hazelridge the Perogy Capital of Canada.

We reached out to all the communities of Springfield to raise awareness of our local food establishments. Participating restaurateurs, caterers, specialty food creators and community kitchens who created a special perogy offer.

Participants donated 10% (or ,more) of net proceeds to the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and a total donation was made to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal (Canadian Red Cross) of $3,000!

Congratulations to our participant, Doreen Palidwor for winning Perogy-Fest 2022. When we reached out to Doreen to share the exciting news, this is what she had to say about her experience being a participant in Perogy-Fest.

“I am so humbled by the amount of people that ordered perogies. 505 dozen made in three weeks! Thank you to all who supported this wonderful fundraiser.

It is important to me to make perogies the traditional way and that keeps them homemade. Thank you to Ann Sokal and Martha Kowalchuk for teaching me how to carry on making this popular Ukrainian classic that so many people enjoy.”