Perogy Fest 2022

Perogy-Fest Springfield Manitoba

Perogy-Fest 2022!

Perogy Fest donation to the Ukraine

Perogy-Fest, which took place from April 1-18, included 9 restaurants/caterers/local perogy makers in Springfield who all created a specialty perogy dish and donated 10% (or more) to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal from the sales of those specialty perogy dishes.

The Springfield Chamber is still in complete awe of how quickly this event came together, how willingly the participants were to say yes to being a part of this event and the support and generosity from our participants and the community members.

In just 3 weeks, $3,000 was raised for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Crises Appeal, and dozens upon dozens of perogies were hand-made, sold and enjoyed by so many.

Megan Annett, Manager of Corporate & Community Engagement for the Canadian Red Cross was amazed at the dollar amount raised in such a short period of time but also said, “I’m not surprised as this is what small towns do, they rally together, especially when it’s for a good cause.” Annett also said that, “this donation will go to helping so many people in need right now, and the Red Cross was so thankful for this support.”

The Springfield Chamber is so proud of our community for making this event the success that it was and for everyone coming together to support such an important cause. If you would still like to donate to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal, you can do so at

Pictured : Participants, Carmen Dudek, Fern Kotello and Kim Verrier (St. Michael’s Church), Amanda-Lynn DeSutter (Amanda-Lynn Gluten Free), Doreen Palidwor (Winner of Perogy-Fest 2022), Megan Annett (Canadian Red Cross), Scott Aikman (SCC Secretary & Glacial Aggregates) and Courtney Di Vito (SCC Director of Member Relations).

Doreen Palidwor – Homemade Perogies
Winner of Perogy-Fest 2022

We’re excited to introduce the first annual Springfield Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Perogy-Fest!

Springfield is blessed to be home of a strong vibrant Ukrainian-Canadian community. We have the Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Greek Catholic church and spectacular Grotto in Cooks Creek. The Ukrainian National Cemetery on Lorne Hill Rd. There are two performing Ukrainian dance ensembles, Selo and Mohutniy. Our school division offers Ukrainian Bilingual Programs to continue the teachings of Ukrainian traditions and heritage.

Chances are, if you live here, you have Ukrainian descent and if you don’t, you probably have connections with someone that does. At the very least, you’ve tasted the wonderous Ukrainian dish… the perogy! After all, we’re also home of Hazelridge the Perogy Capital of Canada.

CTV Winnipeg News – Perogy-Fest

Ace Burpee introduces Perogy-Fest (Virgin Radio 103.1)



Remember to say “Perogy-Fest” when you order this special dish.

Participants will donate 10% of net proceeds to the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and we’ll forward the donation to

the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal (Canadian Red Cross).

 We’ll announce the full donation amount on our website in mid-May 2022.

Perogy-Fest Participants

What people were saying:

 Doreen Palidwor – Homemade Perogies

“Excellent tasting perogies!”
– Laural

“Doreen’s perogies are the best, she is a pillar in this community when it comes to home cook meals. Thanks Doreen for everything that you do.”
– Doug

“Have been enjoying these perogies for years!!”
– Karen

Hair Ink
“Really appreciated that they were made with the 100% donation to the Ukraine Fund.”
– Cheryl”

Oakbank Pizza
“First time ordering, but not the last! Fantastic, worth the drive from Winnipeg!”
– Kevin & Pam

Anola Diabetic Shop
“First time for diabetic perogys and wasn’t sure what I was going to get but the cause it’s for is a seriously needed one! Almond flour Taco perogy was what I bought and I and my brother were floored with the flavour and texture, delicious and so so tasty, and we’ve been through plenty of them in our over joint 127 years of Polish/Ukrainian meals! 5⭐️
– Bruce (Type 2 Diabetic)

Pineridge Hollow
“Fantastic meal and experience at Pineridge, as always!”
– Michelle

We All Have Cravings
“These perogies were amazing 😋❤️
– Teresa

“I love all perogies”
– Mary

Amanda Lynn Gluten free perogies

Amanda Lynn – Gluten free perogies

Order by phone 204-866-2290

Store located: 35145 PTH 15 Anola

Amanda Lynn is the very best in gluten-free foods hand made with care and detail to taste like you remember. Over 12 varieties to choose from!

Anola Diabetic Perogy

Anola Diabetic Shop – Not Your Baba’s Perogies

Order by phone: 204-799-7353 

Diabetic taco perogies, $15 / dozen

Facebook: @anoladiabeticshop
Instagram: @anoladiabetic

Doreen Palidwor Perogies

Doreen Palidwor – Homemade perogies

Order by phone: 204-444-5670 or 204-995-5720 /

Pickup or delivery available within Springfield, MB.

1. Potato, cottage cheese & onion
2. Potato, bacon, cheese, onion
3. Potato cheddar cheese, onion

$7 / dozen

Hair Ink perogies

Hair Ink perogies

Order by phone: 204-444-2887

Pickup: 659 Main Street, Oakbank (limited quantities)

$8 / dozen

All proceeds to be donated to the Ukraine.

Oakbank Perogy Pizza

Oakbank Pizza Market – Most Wanted Perogy Pizza

Call or Text 204-485-2020

Pickup: Main Street, Oakbank across from Esso
Free delivery in Oakbank

Pineridge Hollow Perogy

Pineridge Hollow – Baba’s Brunch Perogies

Dine-in: 67086 Heatherdale Rd

Phone: 204-777-3881 ext 1

Bacon, hashbrown and cheese stuffed perogies on a bed of crispy hashbrowns, smothered in farmer’s sausage gravy topped with eggs and green onions. $16

St. Michael's Catholic Church

St. Michael’s Church

Order by phone:
Kim – 204-444-5446
Sonia – 204-444-2360
Carmen – 204-268-1173

Pickup at St. Michael’s Church Thursday 11 am or Sunday 12 pm

Location: 3 miles East of Birds Hill Park at the corner of Sapton Road and Hwy#212 in the Cooks Creek Historic District (68152 Hwy#212)

Peppercorn - Blueberry Perogies

The Peppercorn Restaurant & Lounge – Blue-barb dessert perogies

Dine-in: 544 Main Street, Oakbank

Phone: 204-444-3424

Hand-folded blueberry & rhubarb perogies, lightly fried, dusted with sugar and topped with whipped cream and more blueberries.
Facebook & Instagram: @peppercornoakbank

We All Have Cravings - Black Forest Perogies

We all have cravings – Black Forest Dessert Perogies

Order by phone: 204-816-8531

Pickup Cooks Creek or delivery.

Perogies come preboiled and frozen. Gluten-free available.
Facebook: @cravingsetcmb