Elections 2022

In this section you will find event details, information and resources pertaining to the upcoming 2022 RM of Springfield Municipal and School Board Trustee Elections.  

If you have questions on Electoral events that have already taken place, please email the Chamber at info@springfieldcommerce.com for more information. 

YouTube – Candidate Forum Wards 1 & 2

YouTube – Candidate Forum Wards 3 & 4

YouTube – School Board Trustees, All Wards

YouTube – Mayoral Candidates Forum

Watch the recording of the forums on our YouTube channel here:

Springfield Chamber of Commerce – YouTube Channel

All forums will be posted within 48 hours of the live event.  

For the Office of Mayor:

: Patrick Therrien
: Edwin Giesbrecht
: Tiffany Fell

For the Offices of Councillor:

Ward 1
: Vince Bennici
: Glen Fuhl

Ward 2
: Andy Kuczynski
: Howard Bredin 

Ward 3
: Mark Miller
: Les Tripp

Ward 4
: Wilfred Funk
: Valerie Ralke
: Melinda Warren  



Ward 2Lorraine Boitson
Laurie Giesbrecht
Paul Philippe Laroque

Ward 3
Amanda DevionDianne Roeland

Ward 4
Karen Insley
Nikki-Lynn Madsen
Dustin Dent
Evelyn De Piero
Malissa Rowan



Advanced voting will take place Saturday, October 15th.

Voting Places will be open for voting on Wednesday the 26th day of October 2022 between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM at the following locations:

  • Church at Pine Ridge – 65152 PR 207 Sunnyside, MB R5R 0B4
  • Dugald Community Centre – 544 Holland St, Dugald MB R0E 0K0
  • Lyncrest Airport – 57119 Murdock Rd, Navin, MB R5T 0HS
  • Cooks Creek Community Centre – Zora Rd 68N, Oakbank, MB R0E 1J0
  • Anola Community Centre – 35085 MB-15, Anola, MB R0E 0A0
  • One Insurance Arena (Oakbank) – 1016 Almey Ave, Oakbank MB R0E 1J2
  • Oakbank Baptist Church – 26033 Springfield Rd, Oakbank, MB


A person will be required to produce one piece of government issued photo identification (for example – driver’s license or passport) or at least two other documents that provide proof of identity.


For the purpose of accommodating persons who are qualified to vote, but who have reason to believe that they will be absent or otherwise unable to attend their proper voting place on election day, an advance voting opportunity will be located at the RM of Springfield Administration building – 100 Springfield Centre Drive and will be open October 15, 2022, between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM


Sunrise School Division Website

RM of Springfield website